Anchor bolts

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Trapezoidal- and special nuts

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There is no standard definition for the term "anchor bolts". Bolts that are brought into a foundation and then fixed to a structural steel work are commonly called "anchor bolts". Other terms are "foundation screws", "anchor screws", etc.

M 8 - M 100

50 mm - 6000 mm


  • double end studs (bars with thread on both sides)
  • rag bolts, masonry bolts DIN 529 (model A, B and C)
  • J-anchors
  • studs for welding DIN 525
  • hook bolts
  • special design as per customer requirements according to drawing or sample

Property classes/material:
4.8, 5.6, 8.8,10.9 stainless steel AISI 304 (A2-70), AISI 316 (A4-70) further materials on request

Surface treatment:
self colour, bright zinc plated (bzp), hotdip galvanized, micro layer corrosion protection systems e.g. Dacromet, Geomet, further surfaces on request

Anchor bolts are needed and built in, in many different sizes and types. Due to our flexibility we are able to meet every demand of our customers. We supply anchor bolts for example:

  • with a shrinking hose
  • with a combination of conduit and shrinking hose
  • with bitumen coating
  • with mounted nuts and washers
  • with thread protection net

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